11th Annual Conference FEHMICON-2019 on Infertility on Sunday 6th July, 2019

FehmiCare Hospital conducted the 11th Annual Conference FEHMICON-2019 on Infertility on Sunday 6th July, 2019
Infertility in today’s world have become a major health problem. With ever increasing modernization, stressful world, excess radiation, lack of biological food, genetically disorders, changing life style, increased electronic discharge, etc have resulted the increasing incidence of infertility. Infertility/ childlessness cause great personal suffering & distress.
In this yearly thematic conference, FEHMICON 2019 organized by Dr. L Fahmida Banu MD, DGO, DNB, FRCOG, FICOG, a leading gynecologist and endoscopic surgeon, Infertility and its related issues were discussed and debated extensively over 2 days.
Issues that cause infertility like endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, Ovulatory disorders, Premature Ovarian Failure, Uterine Factors, Secondary infertility and many more were discussed in detail. Latest methods of medical, surgical treatment with the help of cutting edge technology were demonstrated by more than 50 faculty from across the country.
Hands-on workshop for the attending delegates was also arranged wherein they can practice over mannequins and simulators in laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, specially designed for the purpose.
The industry-leading technology of high-end ultrasound with live demonstration and hands-on techniques was arranged for the delegates.
The conference was inaugurated by Sri. V. C Sajjanar Garu, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad in a unique way. He addressed the gathering and appreciated the initiative. The conference was attended by more than 400 delegates and eminent Gynaecologists from across the country who were immensely benefitted with this knowledge sharing platform.

10th Annual Conference FEHMICON-2018 on Medico Legal Issues on Sunday 8th July, 2018

FehmiCare Hospital conducted the 10th Annual Conference FEHMICON-2018 on Medico Legal Issues on Sunday 8th July, 2018

Dr. L Fahmida Banu, the Director of FehmiCare hospital, Gynecologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon and an avid academician has organized this significant and unique conference.
FehmiCare academics organize a thematic conference every year for the obstetrics and gynecology specialty on topics like laparoscopy, colposcopy, Ultrasound, and high-risk obstetrics, etc. This time the topic was chosen is ‘Medico-Legal issues’.
The bonding between doctors and patients is very vital to society. It plays a pivotal role in serving the patients and providing the best possible health care.
This is disrupted presently due to various reasons. To name a few, increased the cost of medical treatment, unrealistic expectations from the public and sensationalizing of adverse events by media, etc.
This results in frustrations and causes adversity in the relationship.
Increasingly there are instances of violence against doctors and medical establishments resulting in rising of medicolegal cases.
The main aim of the conference was to discuss the seriousness of the issues and to have a solution. Accordingly, an initiative is taken by inviting eminent people in the judiciary, senior doctors and media persons on a single platform to look for solutions.
• His Lordship Sri Justice V. Ramasubramanian, Judge, High Court of judicature at Hyderabad for the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh was the guest of honor and inaugurated the conference and also delivered a lecture on this topic.
• Prof Dr. Sripada Venkata Joga Rao who is a professor of law enlightened the audience on the Consumer Protection Act and the various laws that doctors should be aware of.
• Mr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman Muhajir, a senior advocate addressed the gathering on how to manage medicolegal cases.
• Dr. Neeraj Nagpal and Dr. Aswini Kumar Setya, eminent academicians moderated two panels, One on Violence against doctors and medical establishments’.

Dr. L Fahmida Banu conducted another panel that discussed the current situation in the doctor-patient relationship and restoring it in ‘Kahan Gaye Woh Achche Din’ She also delivered a talk on medical indemnity.

The proficient panelists were Dr. E. Ravinder Reddy, Dr. MohanGupta, DrSunil Pandya Dr. Padmini Kumar, Dr. Sampath, Dr. Rajashree Palladi, Dr. Aruna Suman and Dr. Aparajita. The platform was an amalgam of lawyers, doctors, and journalists.

There was an intense brainstorming of ideas and views involving various aspects of medico-legal issues in current medical practice Speakers who came from far and wide enthralled the audience were Dr. Syed Mohammed Ghouse, Dr. Gangadhar Sahoo, Dr. Durga Rao, Dr. Pratibha Dr.Padmaja, Dr.Karuppiah, Dr.Bipin Pandit A unique feature of the conference was a debate between a journalist and a doctor, Dr. Geetendra Sharma and Dr. Rohit Raj Mathur which highlighted the bitter-sweet relationship of media and the healthcare industry.
Over 350 delegates from a cross section of society which included doctors, journalists, lawyers, police officers, etc. attended this unique conference.

9th Annual Conference FEHMICON-2017 on Ultrasound in Obtestrics & Gynaecology on Sunday 9th July, 2017

FehmiCare Hospital conducted the 9th Annual Conference FEHMICON-2017 on Ultrasound in Obtestrics & Gynaecology on Sunday 9th July, 2017

Dr. L Fahmida Banu, the Director of FehmiCare hospital, an avid academician and teacher, conducts workshops of learning every year. Experts from the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology had delivered lectures to the zealous delegates. The purpose of the conference is to share the latest advances in the field and create awareness in the budding fraternity. More than 500 delegates attended from all over India.

Prof. Asim Kurjak, A legendary figure in the field of Vigrosnograpy Director of IAN Donald school of Ultrasound is the Guest of honor and he delivered the keynote address and an Oration on very relevant topics.

The Chief Guest was Mr. Rajeshwar Trivedi, Principal Secretary, Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Telangana who graced the occasion.

There were didactic lectures and interesting presentations by senior Gynecologists and Obstetricians as faculty. It also featured lectures and demonstrations by experts and research scholars in the field of ultrasonography and recent advances in radio diagnosis and imaging. It was extremely useful and knowledgeable for the attendees.

The program was also made lively by uni presentation on Antarctica Expedition by Dr. Mamata M Lala who was the research doctor in that expedition.

It was attended by 500 plus delegates.

Dr Modi's 3D surgical workshop

Hyderabad will have the proud honour of hosting a first live 3D surgical workshop in South India to be beamed onto a large cinema screen with the aim to teach and share with the laparoscopic fraternity the joy of 3D Surgeries

Dr.Rajesh Modi, a pioneer of Laparoscopic surgeries is holding the unique academic fiesta of transmitting live 3D Laparoscopic surgeries held in FEHMICARE HOSPITAL to a Cinemax screen.

This unparalleled experience of watching 3D surgeries on a big screen while relaxed in a comfortable recliner is truly amazing.

3D Surgeries provide clarity with depth perception giving the surgeon a visual comfort, thereby decreasing the fatigability of the surgeon and improving the safety of the procedure

The surgeries will be performed at Fehmicare Hospital by Dr.Rajesh Modi and Dr.Fahmida Banu – a minimal access surgeon and director of Fehmicare Hospital using high definition 3D cameras and equipment.

Highly specialized & Skillful surgeries will be performed free of cost to deserving candidates.

This workshop focuses on a twin theme of providing the best possible care to the underprivileged and also to demonstrate the futuristic surgical treatment that will help patients in a better way.

Laparoscopic or key whole surgeries as they are called in local parlance are precision surgeries using high-end instruments like 3D which enhance the fine motor skills of hand to eye coordination of the surgeon.

The surgery involves less cutting thereby increasing the safety of the patient during the procedure. Pain is substantially less with this mode of surgery.

So for the patients who require the surgical management, it’s a win-win situation surgery is done through a small incision, with less pain, is a safer procedure with a short hospital stay and early discharge and a quick return to routine

Guest speakers DR Geeta Arjun, Dr Atul Ganatra,

Laparoscopic surgeons like Dr.Rajesh Modi & Dr.Fahmida Banu who wants to share and teach what they have learned in a hard way with real time experience to the next generation of young budding laparoscopic surgeons.

Obstetrics Emergency Management Workshop & CME Conduct on 20th & 21st June, 2015

FehmiCare Hospital in association with IMA north has conducted the 7th Annual workshop on “Obstetrics Emergencies Management” on 20th  and 21st  June  2015.

The Hon’ble Deputy CM of Telangana Sri Mohammed Mahmood Ali Garu has inaugurated the CME (Continous Medical Education) and released the Souvenir. Sri Syed Basheer Ahmed, MD of FehmiCare Hospital and Dr. Syed Mohammad Ghouse Urologist received and welcomed the Hon’ble Dy.CM.

Dr. L Fahmida Banu, the director of FehmiCare hospital, an avid academician and teacher conducts workshops of learning every year. On 20th June, 2015 (9) nine workstations have been devised which portray the emergency situations on mannequins. Experts from the obstetric field have demonstrated skills to the zealous delegates and made them confident in managing the situation. The purpose is for rendering obstetrical skills for pregnant and delivering women safely and reducing Maternal mortality and morbidity. We can achieve our MDG {Millennium Development goals} to the accurate extent by training and providing skilled assistance at the time of delivery and having facilities and trained doctors in dealing live-saving emergency situations. There were more than 360 Gynecologists attended from all over India.

The CME was held on 21st June 2015 with Management of obstetric emergencies. Luminaries and experts have delivered lectures on important aspects of management and situation readiness preparation of the emergencies.

After the inauguration and release of souvenir by Honorable Deputy CM of Telangana  Sri Mohammed Mahmood Ali, Dr. V.P. Paily renowned Gynecologist &Obstetrician from Kerala, Dr. Murad Lala who is the first Doctor who has scaled the Mount Everest, Dr.L,Fahmida Banu the Director of FehmiCare Hospital and other senior doctors have delivered their lectures.

Later on, there was a panel of discussion with a team of senior Gynecologists, Advocate Anasuya, Mr. Kamal Hasan Reddy IPS Dy Commissioner of Police and MCI guideline expert Dr. Ramesh Reddy addressed the liabilities of a Doctor in adverse situations. About 360 Doctors have attended the CME (Continuous Medical Education). The Workshop and CME are extremely useful and knowledgeable in sharing skill acquisition.

Syed Basheer Ahmed MD FehmiCare Hospital & Dr.Syed Mohammed Ghouse thanked all the doctors and participants and also to the FehmiCare staff especially Dr. Shahgufta Fehmina, Dr. Smita Mathur and others for their untiring work and contribution for the success of the Workshop and CME.



Minimally Invasive Surgery Conduct On 15th June, 2014 at FehmiCare Hospital

The workshop was based on minimally invasive surgeries .

It is the 2nd 3D live transmitted workshop in AP [1st 3D Live workshop also done at FehmiCare Hospital in an international conference on March -2014].

The Workshop was attended by 220 gynecologists from all over Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

A variety of cases were demonstrated by the surgical faculty namely,  Dr. Rajesh Modi from Akola, Dr. Sailesh Puntambekar from Pune and the local faculty –

Dr. Fahmida Banu and Dr. Neeraj Gupta.

The live surgical operation include various 3D Laparoscopic surgeries like Laparoscopic Myomectomy and acqua dissection, total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Ovarian Cystectomy adheshiolysis, Laparoscopic tubal recanalision etc., demonstrated.

International Congress - Live Surgical - Endoscopic Workshop at FehmiCare Conducted on 27 th March 2014

In collaboration with the RCOG’s All India Co-ordinating Committee (AICC) and the Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI), a three-day programme was devised featuring world-renowned speakers from the UK, and 64 Countries of the world.  There were 15 cases operated on 27th March, 2014 at FehmiCare Hospital. Remaining scheduled cases we completed the followed two days full filling the promise to do work shop planned surgeries without financial strain to the patients.

The top brass of surgeons arrived in time to FehmiCare and at dot 8 AM lives 3D video transmission commenced. There were a variety of laparoscopic and hysteroscopy surgeries performed including nerve-sparing radical Hysterectomy by Dr. Sailash Puntambacher,  huge fibroid with 3 previous Caesarian sections by Dr. Rakesh Sinha, Laparoscopic sling by Dr.Prakash Trivedi, Laparoscopic tubal recannulation by Dr. P.G. Paul. The variety and content of surgeries got the appreciation and admiration from all the well-wishers and delegates. FehmiCare was the venue chosen for the surgical workshop that aimed to reach out to the gynecologist fraternity to share expert surgical skills.  The hospital has been selected based on the merit of the endoscopic work done in this Hospital, regular sharing of the knowledge and surgical skills in live workshops which have been conducted at regular intervals at FehmiCare Hospital since 8 years. The earlier workshops have been widely acclaimed and proved by their content and attendance every year.  Dr.L.Fahmida Banu a faculty as well with her team of Gynaecologists co-ordinated this event.

Vaginal Surgery - Live Workshop Conducted on 9th June, 2013 at FehmiCare Hospital

Eminent Gynaecologists Dr. V.P.Paily & Dr.Pandith Palaskar were guest of honor and chief operative faculty. Along with Team FehmiCare, they demonstrated Technically skillful operations like Vaginal Hysterectomy for Fibroid Uterus, for undescended uterus, Sacropexy, Mesh Repairs for vault prolapse, Laparoscopic sling operations for Nulliparous prolapse, adnexal removal by the vaginal route, Trachelloraphy, etc., surgeries. The workshop was attended by more than 300 gynecologists.

Sri. Srikanth IAS, CEO-Arogyashri, Govt. of A.P who inaugurated the workshop and   Dr. Surendranath MD, Hony Secretary IMA (North), and Dr. G. Shailaja President FOGSI were the notable guests of honor.  A bi-monthly medical newsletter named ‘Fehmi News’ medical newsletter was also released at the said workshop by Retd. Prof. Dr. Saraswathi Ghosh.

The inauguration was done in a surprisingly unique magical way. Team of Doctors Dr. Rajyalakshmi,  Dr. Syed Mohd. Ghouse, Dr.Smita Mathur, and Dr. S. Kumari are the doctors who assist  Dr.L. Fahmida Banu in FEHMICARE HOSPITAL.

Workshop on Surgical Skills Conducted on 17th June 2012

The FehmiCare Hospital and FehmiCare Academics at Yousufguda here in association with Johnson and Johnson organized a hands-on training on surgical skills and basic suturing along with theater etiquette to junior doctors on Sunday as part of its medical education and skill demonstration programmes. A team of senior doctors led by Dr. L. Fahmida Banu exhibited the skills with the help of demo tissue with hands-on training. Speaking at a workshop organized on the occasion Dr. Fahmida Banu stressed the need to impart basic surgical skills and theatre etiquette to junior doctors frequently till they master the fundamental skills. Live demonstration of various surgical knotting techniques, their importance, and practical aspects were showcased to the junior doctors who attended the workshop.

Basics of suture material and the right use of correct suture materials were explained by Dr. Fahmida Banu with the help of audio-visual aids.

The workshop provided opportunity to the participants to have hands on experience with the training material supplied by the organizers and enabled them interact with senior faculty available.

Hysteroscopy Workshop Conducted on 27th May 2012 at FehmiCare Hospital

Dr Hafeez  Rehman , Endoscopic surgeon, has showed the techniques and nuances  of surgeries .

Dr. Fahmida Banu, Dr. Neeraj Gupta, and her team of doctors kept the audiences busy and learning for more with the myriad array of different variety of cases.

22 Live Demonstration of Operative Hysteroscopy Cases. The surgeries performed are Resection of sub mucous fibroids, Endometrial Polypectomy, Unification of Uterus and Septal Resection, Tubal Cannulation, Transcervical resection of Endometrium,  Removal of intrauterine foreign bodies, etc.  The workshop was a very tech-savvy affair with the inaugural being on the touchscreen. Futuristic modalities of the surgeries were depicted with a short but very apt animated film to which the audience gave an encore.

Dignitaries graced the inauguration are  Dr. Bhanumati from Coimbattore, Mr.A.K.Khan   – Commissioner of police , Dr.E.Ravinder Reddy – the president IMA North , Dr Sreelatha  President FOGSI

Colposcopy Workshop Conducted on 22nd May 2011 at FehmiCare Hospital

Colposcopy workshop conduct at FehmiCare Hospital.  Live Transmission of Colposcopy Procedures relay from the Operation theater to Auditorium.  27 Cases were demonstrated and treated free of cost.  232 Gynaecologists were attended. First time such a large group of Gynaecologist attended the exclusive colposcopy workshop in Andhra Pradesh and it became a bench mark event.

Booklet on Colposcopy given to all the delegates.


Dr. Partha Parthsaradhi Basu

Dr. L. Fahmida Banu

Chief Guest

Dr. Jaishree Gajraj
AICC-RCOG Southern Zone